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Why your old system for corporate presentations is failing

The world has changed the way to communicate stuffs. In the past, you used to create an event choosing firstly the location, city, hotel, negotiating with the Hotel manager about costs for renting the business room. You were wondering whether you need the big one or the small one, and that made already hard to arrange the right place. After that you used to send invitations by e-mail and experienced again the trouble of the location: the meeting took place in your city but you wanted to invite your American business friends, the Swedish ones, and the Emirates even. How you managed it? Did they all booked an expensive flight and invested 3 days of their busy time to join your event? No. Because it´s too far away and requires too much time investment for your people. Did you provide them with a booked flight and hotel suite 4/5 stars? No, because it would have been too expensive for you in terms of time and money.


A Nordic European platform with global ambitions for global ambitious

So your conferences or seminars met severe difficulties to attract audience, even if the matter was great and you spent 4 weeks of work to prepare your presentation. This trouble has been fixed: enterprises, smart small businesses or consultants adopt since a few years the “webinar” as a solution, so called online-seminar via web. There are some webinar-platforms around the world with different costs.  In the meanwhile Webinar systems also changed approach: the best ones use WebTV. It´s the case of Webinars TV, born inside Directors TV 24 as part of the European Center for Trading-Innovation & Smartcities B2BALTIC. The known Nordic platform is the launch-base for webinars and webinators willing to connect to LIVE TV for a broadcasting, broad delivery anytime, regionally or globally. The TV team does not target a common television but a modern digital CDN (content delivery network) to reach out more professionals around the world, and not disturbing at all, with a sensitive cost-reduction.


Webinars are reclying oriented, amazing

But you haven´t heard everything about this. After the production of a webinar, you have a record of it. The record can be used many times a month, a week or a day. It can go “on-air” as many time as possible on the other side of the planet when you sleep in your bed. It makes you advanced, productive, increasing your personal reputation and generating more sales. Some webinars offers a live chat for Q&A and other interactive functions on demand. So, if you like tracking your webinars when they go “on-air”, you can provide the watchers with a live-chat, answering questions in real-time. It´s up to you, how much the webinar must generate in terms of sales. The nicest thing is that you can even record the chat-live and then broadcast the webinar also showing the various chat questions and answers! But not only. During your webinar, live or replay mode, you can offer “samples”, for example if you sell some industrial products.


Webinars can be outsourced

An outsourced team can also be temporary hired to manage the live-chat, or the samples-delivery during your webinar. This reduce your time investment. Time is money always. Webinars are the expression of a professional content, business presentation, financial explanation, conference, speech, coaching, training, business interview, seminars, product presentation, sales promotion or pitch for investors.

An outsourced marketing, can also provide the easiest way to send invitations, to gather partners or potential buyers, days or minutes before your event starts. Your audience watch and understand the matter easier because it does not deal with a projection of slide on a far white wall. A webinar appears as media content, text, talk, slides and movies directly on the screen in front of the eyes of your watchers. You can even choose to offer your audience some entertainment contents during the live and pauses. You can allow your attendees to relax a little bit and find time to question you. Others can see this happen.


Webinars are great for your video-marketing future

It works everywhere in the world, with no travel expenses to send to any accountant. Other positive factor is that webinars can be transformed into videomarketing. That´s the new trend of the advertising. If you are not fit yet, you need to be ready for 2020, when 80% of the contents will be video, and you are supposed to show your business videos too. Why video marketig is life for your business and future you learn on this other article on magazine.

You know already how to webinar or you own webinars? Then add your event to B2BALTIC. The redaction TV of Directors TV 24 will evaluate your video-webinars.