We have learned that many non-US companies, including Baltic businesses, are discouraged from exploiting a robust US marketplace by 10 legal myths than can easily be debunked.

The 10 legal myths are:

  1. The costs of entry into the US, including the costs of business formation, are very great and, thus, prohibitive.
  2. Forming a business in the US takes a very long time with too many hurdles to overcome.
  3. There are so many methods of market entry that it is impossible to know which is best for my company.
  4. There are too many governmental regulations that will make it very difficult to grow a business in the US.
  5. If we enter the US we may be jeopardizing our valuable intellectual property.
  6. The risk of liability and lawsuits relating to our products and/or services is too great.
  7. The US is very litigious and that is too threatening to a small company like ours.
  8. The possibility of many employee lawsuits scares us.
  9. There are no effective ways to control the risks to our business if we come to the US.
  10. It is almost impossible to locate trusted advisers including reliable and cost-effective lawyers and accountants.

None of these myths is true. And, with careful planning the business risks normally associated with them can be significantly reduced and, often, eliminated.

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