Congratulations for Daniel Janetschek´s initiative in the movement Smart&Digitalcities. Our redaction is impressed with the facilities offered by our logistic-members in B2BALTIC and the community facilities to members in need of trading goods. We have seen ships, cranes, trucks, trains and a jumbo-jet! With facilities in Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Russia, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy. B2BALTIC´s members have invested capitals to facilitate international trade. Interesting is the funding in the hub for trade starting from 10.000 euro. Contact the logistic department for details about trade and funding for exporters. Investors can join B2BALTIC Investors Club to cover the funding and gain safe revenues.

  • Global supplying of logistics and distribution services. Engineering, technology and port operations (also using for internal Baltic distribution the FREE PORT of Riga in Latvia and Klaipeda in Lithuania) to offer worldwide, tailor-made solutions to all industries and sectors, ideal for consumer goods, electronics & retail, building materials, fashion, chemicals, cosmetics, special transports;
  • Funding : the community will pay up to 70% of your “goods en route” value. Trade funding starts from 10.000 EUR can be provided;
  • Buying/Selling ISO box containers: CWC or ASIS (20´,40,45 DV and HV);
  • Redesigning and restructuring entire logistic plants: the community architects have demonstrate to have built up complex structures in Europe with care for any details.

Logistic specialists provide capacity with more than 300 operational units, 90 terminals and logistics platforms, employing over 7000 people in the whole Baltic sea are and middle-south Europe. Delivery and process optimization as a target

Every business or industry has its unique features and requirements

In order to be able to provide optimal service to our customers within their specific industrial sector, the B2BALTIC logistic team is structured according to each industry.

Food & Feed

This is preferred logistic unit for many customers in the food and feed industry. HACCP, GMP, ISO 22000 and FSSC22000 certification. It means safe food, safe feed and safe consumption guaranteed. We provide well-equipped logistics platforms with product-specific facilities such as packaging lines, tilt frames, silos, dedicated warehouses. By sieving, blending, optical sorting and repackaging of feed and food products. We provide food & feed silo farms, which are able to: receive products in bulk, store products in silo, load products out of silo into bulk truck, blend and homogenize products, package products out of silo in (big) bags.

Fashion & Apparel

We manage fashion logistics to very high standards, offering the quality and delivery performance that are so crucial in today’s competitive fashion market.

Consumer Electronics

We bring together industry-leading talent and superior technologies to solve complex logistics challenges in the consumer electronics sector, whether on a regional or global scale.


We devote the greatest care to your works of art and collections. We can store your most demanding collection, paintings, statues, large installations.

Supply Chain Engineering

We provide design and construction of logistics terminals and semi-industrial production facilities to each corporate business units.

Sports, Leisure & Toys

This product rotation demands flexible organizations and fast reaction times.


We offer total solutions for solids in powder or granular form as well as for liquids. We built up an extensive know how in products with particular characteristics such as dust explosion sensitivity, bad flow ability and moisture sensitivity. We deal with those products in all forms.

Turnkey solids & liquids handling installations

We take care of entire projects, from product and process testing in our test facilities, mechanical and electrical engineering, to construction, start-up and maintenance of your installation.

Port Operations

We offer steve-doring and terminal services for any customer who needs a maritime gate in/out. We serve the shipping industry through our deep sea terminals in providing efficient and well equipped terminals.


We are focused on a dependable but flexible supply chain between producers and processors. Putting Safety & Quality first. ISO-9001-2008 certification.

Omni-Channel, Retail technology & E-commerce

We provide a full consumer-oriented back office for pure players, brands and omni-channel retailers with the focus on flexibility, quality and velocity. Our digital-transformation you can watch on B2BALTIC.TV (here the film “sample” of visual-merchandising omni-channel in our community, to bring technology to the stores and shops of our members).

Healthcare & Personal Care

We are the ideal partner for the healthcare industry, for medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

General Cargo

Whatever the size, we have the right equipment to handle your general cargo correctly.

Do-It-Yourself & Home Improvement

We offers world and Europe-wide logistics solutions to retailers and manufacturers. We make sure your products flow smoothly through the supply chain in order to ensure on-time delivery to your customers.


Daniel Janetschek makes an example of trade backing, so we can better understand how it works:

for example a Latvian company imports electrical appliances from China into EU and CIS countries and needs to increase the stock of finished goods. The terms of delivery are FOB. The company handed an invoice and accompanying documents for the goods over our community certified member and made a prepayment of 50% for the purchased goods in the amount of example 200000 USD.

The Trade House purchased the goods from the Chinese supplier and arranged them to be shipped to a customs warehouse in Latvia. Having paid the remaining 50 per cent for the consignment and the markup of one reliable structure, the company received its goods in 45 days.

The markup included: 1.5% from the amount of funding for the documentation, 3% from the amount of funding as the administration fee, and 1.25% from the amount of funding as a 45-day interest for the use of capital.

The company sold its goods to customers with a surcharge of 100% of the purchase amount and used the sales margin for the next Trade Financing transaction. The Commission and the prepayment amount were lower with the next transaction: 1.5 % was not taken for the documentation.

Thus, the total markup for the goods amounted up to 4.4 % for the first purchase and 3.6 % for the second purchase (plus the cost of logistics services around 1.5 % in both cases).

Ships, cranes, trucks, airplanes and trains to move safe everything

We have visited them. Our two main logistic members have great facilities and huge equipment.