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Our redaction has interviewed CozyChick, the disruptor of the eggs industry from the Nordics. CozyChick scientists and developers have launched in Sweden a smart health eggs-package. But not only! CozyChick made a video to explain not only food industries and retailers but also people, why use of smart eggs packaging is so important for the public health, safety and intelligent recycling. The video is actually long, it takes a little bit before you understand the concept, the issues and how to fix it.

CozyChick egg packaging is produced using new, virgin, hygienic, biodegradable material. Designed with the environment in mind, down to every aspect of design. Constructed with the eggs best interest in mind.

CozyChick specialties

This revolutionary eggs-packaging made in a special recyclable plastic is designed to be functionally superior to any other similar product on the market. Great functional design in every aspect will help with the ease of use, will give the comfort and make the product work the way it should. One should hold, touch and look through CozyChick to experience this fantastic feeling of a superior product. And the test has been carried out!

Reaction of the consumers has been positive as never before

During the R&D, we have watched carefully the reaction of consumers the first time they got their hands on CozyChick. They looked like they fell in love with something beautiful, something that they never expected, something that naturally should be there and should feel that way, but had always been missing. Other than the beautiful look of the material that CozyChick is made of, it is also the great feeling. The material is so soft and nice compared to any other plastic egg packaging available. The current plastic egg packaging products are made of a rough and hard sounding PET, similar to any plastic water bottle. The sound they make when closing and opening, or when you touch them, does not feel right. It is the same or even worse with egg packaging made of polystyrene plastic material. It´s available for ordering also on B2BALTIC television for CozyChick eggs-packaging.