B2BALTIC community for innovation continues transforming its shops into an intelligent visual-digital reality. It´s smart internal logistic: customer can book an item, or requiring to try one just pressing on the touch screen, then the request will be instantly sent to the sales. There are also phone apps available for android/Iphone, for integrating easily the online-shopping. It improves communications, team performance and customer experience. The advocate of the movement Smart&Digitalcities Daniel Janetschek has made a great job by interconnecting digital-transformers and retailers together for development.

Redaction of B2BALTIC.TV went to discover some interesting aspects of the digital transformation in the community for retail and smartcities. We found solutions for small shops, medium stores or big shopping malls, thank our members with expertise in visual-merchandising “in-store” and technology, together with the team of LUXURY NORDIC HUB. Coverage in 24 countries from Nordics.

Do just work with your shop in the community to receive this technology, your benefits in the community B2BALTIC:

  • you attract more clients in your street store;
  • you sell more than before, thank better engagement both of the customers and the sales assistants;
  • increasing your audience in all your social medias by sharing your videos as a prove of your tech development “in-store”;
  • you attract the interest of new distributors and wholesalers;
  • you increase your visitors in your online-shopping as well, and finally your online-shop is connected with your real shop: virtual and real coupled!
  • you can share press article in the community and be involved in smart entrepreneurial networking with other smart decision-makers (some members found an investor or shareholder for their shop).
  • empower you firstly in Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Denmark and the cities of Saint Petersburg (Russia), Berlin (Germany) and in our other authorized guest countries of the community (Austria, Italy, Switzerland, United States).


→Contact the developers directly in chat to have all the devices in the video, is fast on Facebook.

→You are a shop of the community or external? Talk about your case, send you video to the redaction.

→You are developing new retail technology to integrate into stores? Join the community, apply to work with B2BALTIC RETAIL HUB, and talk about your products, showing your best videos.