The European hub for “trading-innovation & smartcities” B2BALTIC increased the turn-around according to the annual reports for trading operations provided by its members. We have verified the data. Confirmed that especially 104 qualified professional regional/global companies, who applied to be new member of B2BALTIC increased in 2018 the hub turn-around of about 715.945.000,00 EUR as reported by accounting calculation.

+715.945.000,00 € (2018)

<<We are proud to have on board such masters in their businesses and to have supported them with our trading facilities and passion for details>>, says managing director Daniel Richard Janetschek. During 2018 B2BALTIC HUB launched not only over 240 new products for sale, but also new information tools such us the new B2BALTIC Television and the community magazine . The hub aims to make the operations more informative, transparent and engaging, improving community communications. Janetschek says:

“we want to show more and more transparently what we do together with our members, and increase their opportunities in the continental EU market, as well as globally. Our services, our passione for supporting innovation, cities and causes, or special products, is much more visible now, we don´t hide things and we do our best to convince them to use videos and TV to talk about their stuffs and missions”.

B2BALTIC has the first TV cloud “all-in-one” of the Nordics

The hub has invested for creating the first TV cloud of the Scandinavian Baltic area with a media platforms for corporate movies with first videosharing, videomaking, videoadvertising and live-videobroadcasting “all-in-one”. More than 2900 are the business professional videos sent by hundreds of B2BALTIC members during 2018 to the redaction of B2BALTIC Television. However most of the members do not have any representative video nor corporate presentation movies.

“This is something not easy to explain to our people…”, says Janetschek, and continues “…because, so far webTV has been in the hand only of big TV companies or State broadcasters to show basket, hockey and football, or some American movies…so it is hard for people to understand how they can use TV properly for pure business purpose, and for essentially B2B, instead the old-timers B2C advertising using advertising-spots or TV-sales made for domestic consumers”.

Why is this media technology so promising? Janetschek answers this question saying

“the future of the communication is coming already now and actually European business world is back, still not fit for that, USA is more advanced, look how many infomercials they produce…but it is a -must- within 2019 to show up with videos, if European businesses don´t want to lose their market in this more competitive challenging industrial global world; the battle for the best webinars and presentations has already started, a challenge for many of them, they cannot skip it, nor leave the battle´s field”.

Business-Driven cybersecurity portfolio
Business-Driven cybersecurity portfolio in B2BALTIC caught by Directors TV 24 cameras


Let´s make an example. The revolutionary videobroadcasting of B2BALTIC allows the members to run their own television channel on internet via CDN, then sharing the contents automatically via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter (Periscope) using a syndacate “live”. Webinars can be connected to the live as well, then recorded and sent “on-air” several times according to a TV palimpsest plan. Business conferences and meetings can go “live” too. But who was using the LIVE FACILITY made by Facebook and Twitter? Actually less than 1% of the businesses in Europe knows how to use it. Less than 10% of the European companies do have a quality YouTube channel, or any video to show publicly. This is a failure of businesses. Janetschek says

“this is a loser-trend which is gonna disappear soon otherwise their companies will disappear – who is not producing contents and not sharing it to the right targets, is going to crash, just a question of couple of years – because the upcoming modern market belong to the new generations of medias and users; To be updated is a commitment if you don´t want to lose your position or fire half of your employees”.

The TV platform of B2BALTIC became a new gun in the arsenal of professional global videomarketers thank a group of digital-disruptor geeks, investors and full understanding of Google, YouTube, Periscope, Twitch video strategies and search-engines. Videos help you rank and index your contents, products and brands on search engine. Did you notice that Google now first of all check if there are videos, and you put all tags and keywords on videos after uploading? We have seen so many mistakes. Either no videos, or video with failing descritpion and keywords, hardly to be found. The redaction has invested months of work to teach, train and explain this to the hub members. Step by step things are improving.

Live 24/24 and cooperation with <Directors TV 24™> global

The live TV, with many hours per day of “business live” started during 2018 in B2BALTIC Hub. During the Christmas of 2018, for the first time in the hub history B2BALTIC launched a TV business lottery to engage its members during the advent time and the holidays later. The rewards were gourmet food coming from some food traders. In those 4 weeks, B2BALTIC carried out several social media experiments using LIVE on all channels, inclusive YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Twitter Live by Periscope and cross-broadcasting with restreaming. The results was positive: over 300 businesses were engaged in a period which is usually considered “not for business”. In January 2019 B2BALTIC has changed strategy for the live adopting a new team and set of procedures with Directors TV 24™ global.

Directors TV 24 broadcaster for executive corporate directors. Conferences, presentations, cases, interviews, webinars.

Directors TV 24™ is made for top managers, entrepreneurs and business executives who want to share their speech, interview, webinar, corporate/product presentation. It´s also open to videomakers and film producers who want to engage or entertain business people through contents. Directors TV 24 has regional hub for exclusive broadcasting, such us B2BALTIC TV team, and many other platforms which keep the LIVE 24/24 going around the globe, especially in 24 countries. It´s made by broadcasters, investors, public speakers, top advertisers. Directors TV 24 does not discriminate the size of the business: professionals can get access to the “show” for fair price, or even for free if they are active members or contributors in the hub, or if they have demonstrated ability in selling products, talking in front of a camera, or in producing high-quality media content.


Digital transformation with “taste for design” for commercial spaces.

Since years B2BALTIC is an expert driver for those shops and malls with digital transformation interest. The hub designers have demonstrated in the last 20 years ability to renovate entire commercial structures with “taste” for design. The digital transformers omni-channels have introduced new way for visual merchandising using digital displays with integrated software to improve customer-experience. Also the digital signage (DS) trend continued growing introducing new user-friendly management software to control big displays. During 2018 B2BALTIC increased the digital portfolio and the cyber-security capability together with top members and partner associates of the global cyber industry. To make an example, over 100 top specialists in cyber-crime are now available. The city traffic in the Swedish Stockholm is monitored by B2BALTIC cameras and software. In 2018 B2BALTIC also became advocate and European promoter of the global apolitical movement Smart&Digitalcities™. This involves excellent operators and visionary designers of the modern cities. Blockchain development has been introduced from 2018 together with a new technology for keeping digital smart-wallet safe, for any kind of cryptocurrency. The digital revolution is keep going in the hub. Janetschek reports

“we have some of the best architects and designers of the world who care not only for smart-practice but also for aesthetic and comfort – somebody even won global competitions as best wellness&spa designer – realestate development is also one of my old passion and family business – the new digital transformers we have welcomed in 2018 have Fintech & Blockchains in their DNA…it´s amazing time for our hub growth and investments”

Example of display integrated in-shop caught by B2BALTIC TV cameras

Office sharing with or without TV studio is revolutionary

From the beginning of 2018, B2BALTIC Hub introduced the “office-sharing”. This model allows members of B2BALTIC around the globe to share their business-conference-room with another business corporate traveler coming from another country. The model consists in sharing for a few hours per year your conference-room, then you could get a shared space too in another city when you travel abroad for business meetings. This model is still under experiment and soon a map of the shared business-rooms will be introduced via Google-Map. All B2BALTIC community conference rooms are equipped with wall-projector or TV display with computer connection. Some of the members are also developing since 2018 TV studios inside their office. B2BALTIC recommend all members to devote a room to TV studio. This could be useful not only for video production but also for sharing the studio with other business travelers of the community B2BALTIC, making possible for example interviews and talks. Why doing that: we asked Janetschek, who says:

“Business people in the digital world are increasing the number of contacts but losing the chance of human hand-shaking. Sharing a business room with another business traveler help build relationships, still based with the old “hand-shake”. It´s also a good way to build stronger relationships and allow new opportunities. But the presence of a TV studio support our smart members two times: 1) to have a place where to talk or interview their partners or clients, improving customer-experience; 2) to create video contents, they really need in this digital world, for their next YouTube channels or others”

One of the B2BALTIC member´s conference-room shared in the office-sharing community model

Growth of B2BALTIC also on the professional platform LinkedIn

During 2018 the LinkedIn groups owned and moderated by B2BALTIC has increased the number of professional members from 14.000 to 16.000. This is since 2014 a free facility offered to any corporates with smart contents to share. See the list of the most important groups of the hub divided into big categories.

Upcoming events with the new TV cheering “5 years B2BALTIC”

From 13 to 17th May 2019 B2BALTIC makes possible an exclusive media meeting with top guests and business members. The Nordic Baltic B2B Media Live 2019 is the first European Media event to talk about business-in-motion and live-tv-for-business. It´s good opportunity for training for all those companies who want to adopt videomarketing strategies before 2020. It´s birthday party of B2BALTIC , 5 years. It´s all for business-to-business purpose. On 19th September 2019 is planed the Video Oscar of the year. THE VIDEO BUSINESS AWARDS 2019 is for sure the most trendy advanced event for video world whenever oriented to business-to-business life. It will be like an Oscar, watching short business movies, voting and talking. A big business networking event during all the day, about 9 hours, with live TV and top sponsors from all over the world. Stage: Vienna/Helsinki.