They want to be competitor of Benetton socks in the Baltics. Looks like. A Lithuanian Member of B2BALTIC Retail has launched since 2010 a colorful production of socks, with the aim of spreading joy and happiness through colors and unique collections. The startup has all the capability to export all over the world. Eye-catching and delightful socks are designed by their creative and expert designers who give a unique touch to the socks to make feeling special. We believe that a person can be made more comfortable just by changing the quality of the socks one wears. When feets are happy, there is nothing that can stop you from being happy. Their success is in spreading joy to the world through their socks, that´s their social business message which has encouraged them to expand to other clothing items too. Contact B2BALTIC Magazine & TV to get in touch fast the member.

Branded socks for men and women

Pseudonym of a cult Dutch painter. One of his pursuits was transferring bright colors to the daily life through routine things: clothes, shoes, interior elements, dishes and everything that surround us in the real life. This amazing person left a wonderful collection of bright things. The master attempted to eliminate greyness, darkness and sadness from the life of people.