Our redaction went to discover the type of marble the hub of B2BALTIC is trading with. The team of Luxury Nordic Hub LNH was especially excited about this topic because they love integrating marble elements as precious type of stone in their furniture and real estate development. The marble comes in b2BALTIC from Italy, absolutely. Thank the trading activities of Italy Baltic Trading Community. Our members are specialized in production and distribution of their own marble. Directly from the producer/owner, targeting distribution into the community. You really should buy their marble for your renovations. It´s a deal for resellers, furniture brokers, luxury interior designers, constructors, contractors, renovators. It has been used also by the famous real estate renovators and architects of Janetschek & Partners Developers & Attorneys

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With increasingly focused investment continuing to be made in the latest developments in machinery for the processing of marble. A business that is constantly flourishing and expanding; the advantage of the best equipment available means we are ideally positioned to compete effectively on the market. With a business structured on two basic components, being production and sales, our special member/supplier has a team of over 30 members of staff working in Italy. 11,000 sq.m. of outdoor space set up for the storage of slabs. 3,000 sq.m. of warehouse space equipped for the processing and production work. Delivery possible everywhere in the world. Their high quality stones have been used in several luxury applications and big constructions, we have seen with our eyes!

Available Products for sales on the Italy-Baltic hub


Great care when selecting the various materials directly from the quarries in Carrara, Tivoli and others.


The slabs are produced from top quality blocks and meet international standards in terms of dimension and quality. When used as part of the finishing touches, for example as flooring, for walls or for table tops, they require particularly special attention at the processing stage.

Processed + Packed

Experience in processing and carrying out in accordance with procedures established in advance that incorporates on the spot quality control inspections at the raw material stage It´s a marble processing business with over 100 years’ experience. Contact B2BALTIC team on Magazine/TV to get in touch directly with the marble producer.


A natural stone material used to create the most exclusive of surfaces, marble is a metamorphic rock originating from limestone, or from the transformation of limestone in a process that is in fact called metamorphism meaning, quite literally, ‘change in form’.

Travertine Marble

A rock used widely in building, mainly for wall cladding, and its qualities have been recognized since ancient times.

Granite Marble

The extraordinary properties of granite, which extend well beyond the simple decorative aspect, made it a material that was widely used in antiquity, particularly in building work: the Egyptians, for example, often used granite to build their obelisks as well as for the construction of temples.

Synthetic marble

Synthetic marble. Suitable for polished, calibrated and chamfered floors and walls, synthetic marble can be used for raised floors and also outdoors (using unpolished slabs). It is a real innovation where stone materials are concerned and is available in various formats.


Stone marble. Stone is hugely resistant to the process of erosion. Formed over the centuries by sedimentation and then compacted by compression, it is the oldest material in the world, and Italy is one of its leading producers, in terms of quality as well as quantity.


Technological marble has become widely used over the years. Extremely tough and hardwearing, it is ideal for use where a heavy duty floor covering is required, as well as in the home. Its low absorption rate and low maintenance costs, plus the fact that it is so easy to clean, recommend it for use in areas such as the bathroom and kitchen.