Our redaction is examinating GDPR 2018 with sense of critic. It takes still time to understand everything. It might be annoying. It is requiring the attention of our members, sending a “warning” to them, and to you. It is absorbing energy while you all do business and trade in Europe. Many rules are written not really correct, elaborated by politic scientists without considering many aspects of internet, technical, practice. But, let´s say, it is also an opportunity to improve the user experience, to increase trust and better reputation while you deal with your client´s data. Watch the film on this magazine, or directly on B2BALTIC TELEVISION to learn more about one of the most trendy topic of the year

Be informed and stay updated right now that the GDPR has come into validity on 25th May 2018. B2BALTIC TELEVISION´s redaction has been active to talk about the change in data protection, consent requirment, privacy and the issues in cybersecurity (a firewall is not enough). We have selected the most important steps of the main international conference of last week. Do watch and give your feedback here on this magazine. This is is the last part of the conference with conclusions and best Q&A.