The Natural Baltic Channel founded in 2018 has been an open free channel until 2019. Since 2020 NATURAL BALTIC CHANNEL is a video distribution brand “on demand” for content producers, film-makers, advertisers, and digital experts, as well as for entrepreneurs with passion for nature and activities in the Nordic Baltic countries. If you have a business video with a smart product, or a pitch, webinar record, conference live, you should definitely candidate in B2BALTIC TELEVISION. But if you have a home-made video about facts & happens, and you are our member, then you cannot miss to send your video to NATURAL BALTIC. The Channel Nr. 10, sponsored by B2BALTIC community is something different. It´s the new entertainment space for our members. It´s focused to the social and natural side of whole Nordic and Baltic sea area, but not only: special commented events, environment, people, habits, countryside, traditions, culture, languages, Baltic regional animal species, panoramas and views, air quality, eco. Hobby videos made by our community business members are welcome in this channel. The High-Definition resolution HD, FullHD or 4K in format 16:9 is recommended in this channel.

The application form to propose a video for Natural Baltic is the same of the B2B one. They made it easy for you, to add your videos and become a member. You can entertain the other members. If you want to show your name as “author” or your references, your copyrights, put them on your video during the editing (it could be another way to advertise yourself, use this chance). Do use this chance to talk about your world, your people, your place around, or create a short/long documentary. Ironic or satirical is allowed. We will share them with the other members of the community B2BALTIC and guests, maybe for long terms, year after year.


Sell your videos

Do sell your videos with NATURAL BALTIC CHANNEL. Why? You still own your video, you simply grant NATURAL BALTIC CHANNEL the exclusive right to sell it for you. We will pitch your video to regional or global media who will pay if they use your video. All the money the channel makes is shared with you 50/50.

Special license

On Channel 10 we frequently work under the CC license, thereby you can copy, adapt, collect, distribute under your name many of the videos marked  “NATURAL BALTIC” without any need of asking permission. It depends on videos and the wish of our members. All videos marked CC you can use on your YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Do check the video details to see if they are marked “CC reuse allowed (read the copy code if you want to copy and redistribute the videos)” or not.

N.B. When you send your videos to our redaction, you are supposed to be the owner/creator of the videos. If you don´t own all your video, or you don´t have license for that, then your video cannot be used, cannot be broadcasted on our network, nor sold! Be sure that your video are not copied by other videos with Content ID!

In 2019 we will define the winners with the best videos, 3 positions. Watch one of the movies of Natural Baltic Channel directly on B2BALTIC Television Platform

I´m foreigner, may I send my videos and participate?

Sure, you can if:

  1. you show the videos of your business travel to our regions, or you have been here for a while for business development in Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, North Poland, North Germany, Denmark, including the city cities of Saint Petersburg (Western Baltic Russia), Berlin, Warsaw and borders;
  2. your videos are particularly engaging or interesting (just try), and you are already a business member of the community B2BALTIC;

I want to support this initiative

You are welcome to help the channel growth of Natural Baltic. You can send nice contents, or recommend your best YouTube videos, we can share and talk about. Other way to support the country-made channel is to sponsor it, with your name or your brand, for a part of the business week, every week, or continuously.