The European center for trading-innovation & smartcities is dealing with United States of America. The center has a US-Baltic incubator in New-York city and foreign businesses from Europe can join the events. It´s a cross-cultural business experience, an exchange opportunity and best way to import/export best services and products in B2B. The hub also provides members with a crowdfunding-campaign-management: if you have smart projects looking for shareholders or investors, you can present your project now also to this incubator in B2BALTIC. You don´t have a project? Well, the legal team of B2BALTIC can help you to write one down. Otherwise you can just make a webinar to start. Webinars help many projects in a smart way, attracting potential partners, going to Webinars TV, the new television channel for presentations and sales-webinars. Our TV Redaction discovers the presentation made in Helsinki by the US-Baltic team of the community B2BALTIC. Sophie and Marc engaged the Finnish audience and continued their conferences in Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius, involving hundreds of entrepreneurs since 2018. Driven by experience in international development and with a nice friendly approach, they explain us and community members tricks to enter the huge American market place. Watch the video on the community TV every week, or on YouTube you can watch a partial version.

Legal matter is the main topic, targeting business development with correct planning in trade. Some practice business cases are showed. The useful connection to the sales & marketing world, the user-friendly presentations of slides, and the explanation of cultural differences, represents a real immersion into USA offered by the US-Baltic team in B2BALTIC.

It is an extraordinary opportunity for training and learning, for entrepreneurs, exporters and developers interested in any kind of business development from Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania or other countries towards to American B2B world.

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