Redaction of B2BALTIC TELEVISION this time went to discover how visual-merchandising is integrated inside the community stores and shops. Of course iIt´s time of the digital revolution in retail: transforming a shop into an intelligent visual digital reality, with smart logistics software, displays like tabs, plus phone apps for android/Iphone. The installations are carried out by specialist members of B2BALTIC community in all Nordic, Baltic, European countries, Ukraine, Russia and United States on demand. Being a member of B2BALTIC RETAIL HUB is worth, for exchanging know-how, smart tech facilities. This is another smart idea of the Nordic Baltic advocate for smartcities Daniel Janetschek and the Movement Smart&Digitalcities. Watch our last video in-store made by B2BALTIC Television for our shops in B2BALTIC RETAIL:

Keys of the transformation according to what we have seen are:

  • integrating the online-shopping site (if you have) directly into this visual-structure;
  • improving communications;
  • increasing team performance;
  • targeting the best customer´s experience;
  • selling more.

There are solutions for small shops, medium stores and big shopping malls. You can chat with LUXURY NORDIC HUB LNH (now with a shopping chart for luxury trade) Coverage about 24 countries from Nordics. Contact B2BALTIC Retail for details


How to participate as retailer, both with small shop or mall?

Retailers, commercial real estate developers with expertise in retail shops, store managers, wholesalers and big distributors usually join the community as a member. The common profiles approved in the hub are business members with B2C, B2B orientation. They find collaborations and partnerships in B2BALTIC RETAIL departments and local subgroups. A new form of local community with payment platform based on smart-wallter and blockchain technology is also under development in B2BALTIC. Contact the community for more details on the new plans for 2022.