An important topic for IT administrators and many entrepreneurs of the community for innovation & smartcities. The redaction of B2BALTIC has collected important explanations about IT and the cybersecurity. The new data protection regulation launched in May 2018 explains actually that there are common mistakes made by IT responsabile of server and data-banks structures. In this article with movie we aim to explain this kind of issue which is occurring in many businesses with B2B or B2C approach.

At the international event for Baltic and Europe on 25th May in Riga, B2BALTIC community members have filmed important steps and this academy explanation. You can now watch closer where IT departments and entrepreneurs fail in security. It´s not just a question of “I have a firewall, so I´m Ok. Important for the regulations in data protection and data privacy, cyber-security of networks. A member of OWASP with Anglia Ruskin University talks. Contact B2BALTIC cyber-security team for a check.