This high-tech application has been discovered by our TV redaction. We have asked Italy Baltic Trading Community to tell more. This drone has been customized for vineyards, to check the health and condition of each vine plant. Now the product is fit for the Europe market. Specialized agronomists are behind this solution: a customized phantom DJ drone, integrated with an advanced software. It works fine with an optimal wine production. The drone delivers plenty of images, video with high-resolution aerial overview and information based on smart calculation. Watch the video! Or contact the team for details.

This drone makes possible

  • – plants count
  • – vigor map
  • – water/irrigation faults
  • – plant disease detection
  • – drought monitoring
  • – product estimation
  • – uncultivated soil analysis
  • – grapevine identification
  • – reservoir discharge
  • – harvest hisotry analysis
  • – frost and weather damages analysis