The members of the European Hub for Trading-Innovation & Smartcities B2BALTIC can count from now on important connection between Nordic countries and Austria. The Business Agency of the Federal State of Upper Austria is a new opportunity for members, investors and entrepreneurs of the community with smart projects, smart ideas, for their startups or spinoff initiatives. Austria is worldwide leading in several industries with capital in Vienna. The State of Upper Austria with main city Linz, just a few km far away from Vienna and the international airport, has played an important role in the business development of middle Europe and East during the last 100 years.

Business Upper Austria
Beautiful Austria in B2BALTIC

The city of Linz has been driven several development in the automotive industry and ICT. High industrialization, high engineering competence, high standards of certifications, and a perfect geoposition represent pure power. The State is very good integrated and respectful of the surrounding green environoment. A highway connection to other main cities, plus a fast railtracks and the access to one of the biggest longest river of Europe, the magic Danube, also provide logistics for any kind of passengers and goods transport.

List of services B2BALTIC can provide in Austria

  • Process support for setting-up companies, legal matter
  • Finding specialists and training employees
  • Developing locations and business sites
  • Advice on obtaining funding
  • Funding programmes and available funding opportunities
  • Support for innovation projects
  • Clusters (* see paragraph below)
  • Software Park
  • Cooperation and partnerships with National key companies
  • Legal Services and fast connection to Police
  • Networking on LinkedIn (see available groups with 17.000+ members moderated by B2BALTIC)

(*) Main clusters available in Austria

  • Automotive
  • Cleantech
  • IT
  • Plastic
  • Food
  • Mechatronics
  • Medical tech
  • Furniture and Timber construction
  • Human resource
  • Police and Law enforcement (NEW)

TV presentation with involvement of Directors TV 24

Directors TV 24 exclusive via B2BALTIC Television Platform broadcasts from Stockholm a presentation of B2BALTIC in Austria, daily with 2 different sessions, 7 days on 7 from March 2019. During the Live you can ask your questions using the side panel of the player. The streaming goes Live globally without any geo restrictions (apart the State of Turkey which refuses at the moment the streaming of Directors TV 24 on their territories). You can discover it by watching the TV player for example on the community-magazine on, cloud TV platform, and in any partner-web that uses the Directors TV 24 player, according to the regions. The presentations are moderated at the moment by the executive director Daniel Richard Janetschek.



Police Television: “Pro Polizei TV” first in Europe from Austria

The Nordic Baltic Channel has supported the building-up of the first European channel for citizens willing to support the police against street violence, new terrorism, unrest and definitively against the violence against police officers. The model from Austria is the best example of media at the side of the police. It includes not only a citizens-movement (politically oriented to moderate centre but with rappresentative from right and left wings) but also a discussion-forum between citizens and police, a television platform for investigative journalism plus a press platform for fast sharing and distribution of contents. The name is Pro Polizei TV and speaks German but willing to open presence in Helsinki and Stockholm for the Nordics. You can support the development in Vienna, Berlin, Linz, Helsinki or Stockholm. For info, please do contact directly the redaction of the Police television in English or German.