Our redaction today on Smartdy.TV™ with its revolutional technology to bring television closer to professional people. The European center for trading startups and smartcities B2BALTIC has adopted and tested since 2018 many of the facilities provided by one of the most trendy video hub of the times. But what Smartdy Television technology is and why many this innovative platform love, we have researched, interviewed and tested.

Smartdy.TV versus YouTube.

Smartdy is a video hub with video hosting but not like YouTube. On YouTube there are many rules and quite hard to become partner. Usually it is very hard to monetize YouTube as a partner because they have increased the requirments. For YouTube you are a partner only if people (usually a very young powerful YouTube audience) like your videos very much and watch your channel very frequently. So if you have a professional content, a live conference or a business presentation, you have no chance to be elected partner. YouTube does not offer any community potentiality interested to your type of content or industry. They have such huge audience, but they are not searching for your videos. You upload a video on YouTube and if you have 10 viewers after 1 month if you are like. You need to invest hours in mailing, sharing the link to your video with your best contacts, hoping they like your invitation to watch otherwise they will mute you or ban. Do you know the feeling by sharing contents? YouTube is not interested in your content and will also not invest 1 cent in advertising to drive traffic on your channel. The videogames, music and movies fully control YouTube and the global audience. YouTube is for free but limited and mostly for fun. Instead Smartdy study deeply your content and drive it to a specific audience, or share your webinar, or live conference on its own partner channels such us Directors TV 24, Webinars TV, Startups TV, etc. Real estate, digital-transformation, IT, luxury trade, maritime, pitches for investment, startup launch, product presentation are powerful hot-topics for Smartdy. Certainly the reduced size of Smartdy compared with YouTube is also advantage: it is easier to talk with and arrange partnerships. Smartdy has demonstrated to be especially open to businesses who scalable want to empower their videomarketing ability. This makes the European video hub Smartdy more suitable for professional contents, for expert productions and for global cooperations.

Key characteristics of Smartdy professionals like.

Smartdy offer about 20 times more services than YouTube. Also some small detail, very small, but people like very much: while YouTube does not care if you want to show or not your viewer-counter, Smartdy allow you easily just do enable or disable the counters both for your TV channels and for your single videos on-demand. You may want to to hide the counter because you are a startup, or you have just published your video, or you just started your own TV, and you don´t want to show you have just a few visitors at the beginning. Previewing or trimming video is faster. Individual metadata can be added to any videos. YouTube does not allow a live-playlist instead Smartdy permits you to configure your video sequence and broadcast live. And the “live” funtion in Smartdy is great. You can still share or display your video on-demand, like YouTube does. But when you go “live” you go “on-air” and you are a Television broadcaster with your own content. What does actually “live” means: it means, your video are not called on-demand by the watcher; the watcher connect to your TV anytime and watch what you are broadcasting instantly. From all devices, computers, smartphones, tabs, or from your TV in living room, the watcher receive the same video in the same time. So, you are now a TV station with videos or Radio Station with Podcasts or both all week, night and day. During your sleeping time, your TV is still broadcasting your last product presentation, your speech at the conference, your sales infomercial or your old webinar. You are selling anytime. You make your channel attractive with the live, because watchers come and find new contents anytime. Of course you need to care about contents, quality and quantity. If you have 5 videos, you can broadcast your videos in a continuos loop. If you have 20 videos, your TV will not become easily boring. Whenever you need, Smartdy support you on site in over 24 cities worldwide. They have camerapersons and equipment they can move to you on demand if you have a big event you want to film. And if you don´t need a cameramen because you are good in this, and you just want to record and broadcast live your conference, all your event, for hours, they make you connecting with the live CDN and inform other users online that you are “live”. This is something amazing: television sharing of contents. Smartdy is particulary specialized in webinars and conferences.

Smartdy, community and TV Studios.

Another valuable characteristic of Smartdy is the community. Differently from other competitors and providers of video platforms, Smartdy has been developed inside a community of entrepreneurs of the Nordic European countries. Same places where Skype was created. The European Silicon Valley. Smartdy makes available for example a community magazine for registered members and over 16.000 members on own LinkedIn groups. The community has over 70.000 business users and is training its members to use videos since 2017. Thereby both the community managers, moderators, members and users are interested in developing video strategies. This is empowering Smartdy as well. Some members and investors are creating TV studio for content production, for interviews and for “pitching”. We want to mention the case of Startups TV WOMEN (check hier if there is currently an event). This Swedish format from Stockholm is using not only Smartdy technology but also its community for exporting the TV format with the business model for funding startups: women entrepreneurs talk, present their pitch, get recorded and broadcasted on a network of investors via Smartdy sharing system. We have asked how much does it cost to create a TV studio: the answer came directly from the department responsible of the installations, it´s about 5000 euro to have complete kit with Canon camera already configured, tripod, lights, microphone, set-up on site, two days of traning on-site (for European cities), connection to network/CDN, the right software and tricks, membership in the video business community. For those who want the video platform for having own TV channel, it costs about 150 euro a month with permission to create and connect to CDN up to 5 channels. Then you can make a channel for your webinars, another for corporate presentations, another for business life and one for your private purpose protected with password.