7 days devoted to our US member ZEUS. It sounds like a thunder God. We are proud of it. Actually ZEUS, member of B2BALTIC HighTech, has full demonstrated since the 60s to be able to transform polymers into solutions for any kind of industry. From high tech to aerospace, from automotive to medical. The United-States-based company offers a never-ending line of smart components and materials you need and you actually daily use even if you are not aware. Smart solutions such wire harnesses, heat shrink, peelable heat shrink, or convoluted tubing, encapsulate, bioabsorbable engineered extrusions, monofilaments for catheter braiding, suture, or microcatheter. Monofilament lyquid crystal polymer, or polymers for fiber optics, or fluoropolymers. Microporous technology. Motor rewind with peek insulation. Advanced biomaterials and implantable technologies.

You can order samples by watching the webinars serial on Webinars TV via B2BALTIC Television. Or by contacting our redaction. Otherwise you can contact the high-tech team for buying or for reselling. It´s also possible to order a free-sample here. Do not hesitate to contact directly Zeus Industrial Products Inc. US headquarter.


The products are routinely found in applications where materials are exposed to difficult working conditions and environmental extremes. Our fluoropolymer and engineered plastics are quickly becoming the materials of choice for aerospace manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. These materials maintain their exceptional properties under the most demanding conditions of the aviation and space vehicle industries. Download brochure aerospace sector


Fluoropolymers and other engineered plastics such as PEEK (polyether ether ketone) are quickly becoming the materials of choice in global automotive applications. These materials are able to maintain exceptional physical properties in extreme conditions such as elevated temperatures and aggressive chemical environments. Engineered polymers are also cost-effective and offer weight savings over other materials such as metal. Download brochure automotive sector


Energy is a fundamental part of everyday life and plays an essential role in global economic growth. Although most of today’s energy needs are met through the consumption of non-renewable resources such as oil, coal, natural gas, and nuclear sources, there is an increased emphasis on utilizing renewable resources such as biomass, geothermal, hydroelectric, solar, and wind energies. Download brochure energy sector

Fiber optics

We manufacture high temperature polymer coating and sheathing to support the latest fiber optic technology. We go above and beyond with a wide range of fiber coating diameters and types to meet our customers’ demanding applications. Our scientists and engineers will help you find the right polymer product to protect your optical fibers so that they perform even in the most extreme environments. Download brochure fiber optics sector

Fluid management

For more than 50 years, we have been perfecting our processes and innovative strategies that have made us a global leader in polymer extrusion. This expertise allows us to meet every benchmark of the critical fluid handling industry – from resins and extrusions, purity and quality standards, to technical support and supply security. View most popular fluid products


From material selection to custom polymer solutions, Zeus extrusion technologies get you where you need to be within the body. Our scientists and polymer engineers work with you to develop products that are stronger, safer, and more durable to improve clinical outcomes and raise the level patient care. Continuously innovating and partnering with medical professionals and manufactures has kept us and our partners at the forefront of medical device innovation. View most popular medical products

Non-Industrial and others

For more than 50 years, Zeus has been at the forefront of advancements in polymer science responding to the demands of the industries we serve. It is this determination to innovate that fuels our breakthroughs. From the latest technological manufacturing methods such as 3-D printing to simple component insulation, Zeus high-performance extruded products are found in almost every aspect of life.

Awards and recognition of Zeus

Over the past 50+ years, Zeus built a great reputation with several global industrial players such as Boeing, or Boston scientific, Toastmasters. Zeus has been awarded more than 25 times.