Let´s have now a closer look at the open “community-positions” available on B2BALTIC from February 2019

  • Location: Global. B2BALTIC COMMUNITY TELEVISION with exclusive for Directors TV 24h, shares the management of the Nordic regional business television with smart TV speakers/presenters for the Web-TV business journal, for “on-site” business interviews or “online” in internet through Skype/Google-Hangout and Webinars-Platforms. Required: Communication skills, English, experience in business talks or journalism or legal. No any discrimination about age, experience, gender, race. You can become very famous, it´s a smart job with vision to the future of the communication. You can improve all your skills and meet amazing entrepreneurs. Position: Business Partner / Associate / Shareholders / Venturecapitalist. Type of revenues: sharing-based, success-sharing, audience-sharing, fees-sharing. Contact the TV redaction of b2BALTIC Magazine to know more.
  • Location: Stockholm, Malmo, Helsinki, Tampere, Copenhagen, Saint-Petersburg, Tallinn, Pärnu, Tartu, Riga, Jurmala, Vilnius, Klaipeda, Warsaw, Gdansk, Berlin, Vienna, Milan, Dubai. B2BALTIC TELEVISION is searching independent camerapersons for filming member´s conference. Competence in film making also using Facebook-Live, Twitter-Live and YouTube-Live, interviews, video adapting, and mobility as a skill. Type of revenues: success-sharing, fees-sharing, other revenues.
  • Location: Nordic-Baltic-Italy. The new growing ITALY BALTIC TRADING HUB shares the management of the hub giving position and power to 1 managing director, and 1 member of the board of the directors for the startup hub, investments hub, real estate development, import export, new Italian-Baltic WebTV, business travels, and DT Digital Transformation which aims to provide technology to our community retailers, subcommunities with use of blockchain as well. The hub shares the rich business portfolio of contacts, followers, registered members, business webpages, linkedin groups and agreements for special locations. Language: Italian, English. Tasks: business development, community development, portfolio development, television channel management, NGO controlling, collection and management of funds and donations. Type of revenues: dividends sharing, hub success sharing, fees-sharing, other revenues.
  • Location: Sweden. DBS DOING BUSINESS SWEDEN DBS is targeting growth in Stockholm and main cities in sector hightech, retail and commercial real estate development towards digital transformation, together with the Global Movement Smart&Digitalcities. The Swedish hub search a business developer partner, venture capitalist or shareholder. The hub shares all the Swedish portfolio, Swedish business members of the community, TV channel for Sweden on Directors TV24h. Language: Swedish+English. Type of revenues: success-sharing, fees-sharing, dividends sharing, other revenues.
  • Location: Estonia, Tallinn. B2BALTIC HUB offers the position of 1 Country Director ESTONIA, as Estonian exclusive/nonexclusive partner/associate entrepreneur, or shareholder. Language: Estonian+English(+Russian).
  • Location: Finland, Helsinki. B2BALTIC HUB search for 1 Finnish professional with at least 5 years professional work experience through challenging roles, passion for social matters, challenge-proof, understanding for business development world or interest in learning it in short time. Tasks: special operations in business development and digital trasformation of retail communities. Languages: Finnish, English.
  • Location: Lithuania, Vilnius, Kleipeda or Kaunas. B2BALTIC offers community position Director Developer Lithuania with at least 10 years professional work experience through challenging roles, passion for social matters, legal, challenge-proof, understanding for business world and procedures, interested in a further professional development as regional responsible of advertising, media broadcasting (inclusive TV business services), public relationships and communications in Lithuanian and English language. The candidate already owns a business activity and entrepreneur or self-employed. Development also in retail, hightech and commercial real estate eventually possible.

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