The Redaction of B2BALTIC Magazine has discovered the creativity and master ability of a fashion designer in the Finnish Nordic capital Helsinki. MANIA Jewels is all about hand made luxurious fashion jewelry. All items are designed and meticulously hand made with a selction of high quality materials in their own atelier-studio. Everything pass through a strict quality control after production. The words of the chief designer and business owner Niina Karlsson are impressive.

Chief Designer & Business owner Niina Karlsson with MANIA Jewels Chainlace earrings

<<Life in itself is my endless source of Inspiration – Nature, Animals, Insects, Architecture, Music, Movies, Literature, Space to name few. I live my eyes & ears wide open and each day I try to be better human and better designer. Life is like a long string of Pearls and each day is one pearl in your own story. I am trying to make the world more beautiful and a better place to live. Pearl by Pearl>> Watch MANIA on TV.

Three segments for three type of clients

MANIA Jewels has three segments: MANIA Classic, MANIA Statement and MANIA Atelier. The atelier segment is custom made by secret wishes. Classic line is designed to be worn at everyday life, day time or evening and has more classical elements in the designs. MANIA Classic is a jewelry for today´s Grace Kellys and Audrey Hepburns. Modern and innovative designs with a hint of old Hollywood Glamour. MANIA Statement is made to make an Statement wherever you go. Statement is a jewelry to wear for evening and clubbing and is created to make you look just gorgeous and a bit naughty in a sophisticated way.

You could describe MANIA Statement by saying that it is jewelry where Armani sophistication meets spicy naughtiness of Madonna. Mania Jewels Classic and Statement are made either of Swarovski crystals, crystal pearls or real gemstones and pearls. Therefore MANIA provides clients and resellers with branded luxurious accessories as well as with a more affordable line. Mania Atelier is the exclusive one. The end-product delivery in atelier is variable depending on design and the materials finely selected. Also sterling silver and gold can be part of Mania Jewels. Elegance, feminine, distinctive, are keyword in MANIA.

Unique inspirational driven production

The production is driven by inspiration therefore unique. In MANIA nature is the endless source of inspiration. The designer reveals, all ideas are basically inspired by Mother Earth. Works and imagination are strongly influenced by animals, insects, birds, architecture, art, music, machinery, movies and interior decoration. Each single design has to be innovative and functional as well as comfortable to wear and perfectly beautiful and balanced to look at. Their aim is to produce designs where richness of meticulously made details meet with simplicity. And it means elegance and glamour for them.

MANIA and the ability in creating fashion “in motion”

The ability of this Finnish designer is not only in creating Jewelries. We have been impressed by their ability in making real films, representing character in fashion and style. Thank their visual creativity, they show us how they create fashion and how we can appear with style. Niina Karlsson is a designer – an engineer of jewelry – as well as tailor, technician, visual artist and make-up artist. Kalervo Karlsson is a photographer, visual artist and designer. Together are film makers, able to create style and fashion parade inside and outside fantasy movies. Fashion Fotoshooting and “tailor-made” movies can be delivered to clients.

Where to buy MANIA

MANIA has a global vision. To buy or resell MANIA, their exclusive earrings, hoops, necklaces, cracelets, rings, you can contact the retail hub or directly talk to MANIA team. Otherwise MANIA Jewels you can find in selected boutiques or in internet for online-shopping. A new e-commerce visual platform will be soon launched by MANIA, thereby you should abolsutely follow MANIA brand. The netshop´s collection will be changed during November. The team is open to new partners and venture entrepreneurs of the fashion world. Just contact them and they will share with you their expansion regional/global projects. Helsinki is definitely the Nordic market place for the growing Nordic fashion.

Some tips for resellers: MANIA Classic can be sold in specialized jewelry boutiques and MANIA Statement can be displayed in big storehouses or boutiques. If you like Jewelry, you love fashion, you are attracted by the new open doors offered by visualmerchandising, you should work with them closer. Our trading team in B2BALTIC is proud to have them on board.

An example of production by MANIA

We wanted to have a closer look at the type of article our members and distributors could order. We received these beautiful photos. Ask MANIA team for a catalogue and pricing. You should absolutely include these jewels in your retail shop or online store.