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Female Founders TV The channel for women-geeks: interviews, investment pitch, talks, cowork zone

January 16, 2023 to December 31, 2023

TV Startups Women


New TV-Seasons 2023. For women in entrepreneurship and investors. Join now.

What is Female Founders TV channel? It is the hot spot for geeks and founders worldwide based in the Nordic countries, targeting strategic recorded combined interviews, investor-pitch, video adaptation, content elaboration, and tailor-made broadcasting. The channel is a scalable media platform and stage for female executives, part of DIRECTORS TV 24. Why Female Founders TV? It helps your sales presentations, your product show-case, your investment-pitch, your multiple webinars on a long term strategy right for you woman entrepreneur. It helps your talks, your business press release, your public engagement, your political activism, election, tv sales, infomercials, organized Q&A, research. Your videos are cut and adapted by experienced media professionals and TV producers. Your videos live for ever: might be shared, broadcasted, webcasted or podcasted as much as you want, and you own life-long use-rights. Revenues from your videos pay designers, artists, media-makers and publishers for their work, and contribute to important social development in White Cross NGO (Non-Profit) especially in children´s protection, platform, and women´s rights. Female Founders TV team in White Cross International want to listen to your matter, talk to: tv@thewhitecross.org

Do you already have an event outside Female Founders TV and you´d like to inform us, attract our attention to your matter? Add your event (presentation, webinar, party, conference, summit) to White Cross TV, we will contact you and check common opportunities: https://tv.thewhitecross.org/b2b/add-your-event-past-or-future/ 

Female Founders TV: Attracting new partners and investors for your business ideas

Don´t you have a budget to reach 1.000.000 watchers with your matter or interviews? No problem at all, Female Founders TV makes your life easier and inform the local community: more than 17.000 registered partners and professional members from 40 different industries. Female Founders TV Channel also has available the following macro-categories with special workgroups of entrepreneurs (all genders): startups & crowdfunding, pharma & bio, retail & development, real estate, art & design, high-tech, media, marketing & communications, law & order, blockchains. Interviews can be in English, German, Italian, Swedish, Spanish, Latvian, Russian. Female Founders TV is also working together with other specialized channels such as:

  • DIRECTORS TV 24  (for corporate-executive interviews, entrepreneurs)
  • WEBINARS TELEVISION (for webinars live or recorded up to 5000 attendees)
  • REALESTATE TV 24  (for estate sales and Smartcity development)
  • STARTUPSTV24  (for startup launches, early stage, new ideas)
  • B2BALTIC TELEVISION  (for EU Nordic/Baltic trade, B2B)
  • PROPOLIZEITV  (for female officers, jurists, policy talks)
  • INVESTORS TV 24 (only pitch, format for only investors)
  • WHITE CROSS TV (for social causes, health, med, emergencies, city development, smartcities)

Your best video contents can be created online or in city TV-studios in Helsinki, Stockholm, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Warsaw, Vienna, Milan, Zurich, Bologna, Genoa, New York, Shanghai, Tokio. In some studios Female Founders TV adopts special lights and greenscreen for special effects or film production. Some studios are equipped with acoustic walls and sound-proof areas. Your best media assets could be stored in the blockchain ethereum, polygon or binance in a decentralized interplanetary file-system. Contact us to book your first interview or for info: tv@thewhitecross.org


For frequent interview´s geek for long term effect and TV training

Female Founder TV has been built by angel investors with the aim of building-up a global female founders media network since 2019. If you are ready to accept the “media challenge”, then you can join the channel and the workgroups with the purpose of producing several interviews, targeting also Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Web, Television, Satellites, external prestigious magazines and much more. Just be a partner of Female Founders TV and help build the best channel ever.


January 16, 2023
December 31, 2023
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Helsinki, Finland
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