We know that Nordic Baltic people love Italian food and Italian fashion. We too! Since years in our big foodstore-chains the importing of Italian brands is growing. Mostly cheese, pasta, tomato-sauces, chocolate, bread, coffee, cookies are protagonist. Italian style is more and more influencing in clothing shops and designers like using Italian products to combine together. But it´s not only about food and fashion. Italian machinery industries – for example – competes with German producers thank a working hard in increasing the reliability for any industrial purpose and automation. Moreover, Italian investors have demonstrated interest for the Nordics by acquiring estate objects mostly for commercial purpose. Some of them have been pioneers in the restructuring of the emerging European Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania: the B2BALTIC´s friend Italian Ernesto Preatoni is the inventor of the Domina group, with Hotels and trendy Shopping-Centers in Baltic and Russia.

B2BALTIC RETAIL, driver in retail development, comes with a new big initiative to talk about Italian-Influence in the Nordic world. There are two events coming soon: Italy-Baltic Christmas 2018 with B2BALTIC (start on 2nd December 2018 for all December) and Media Week 2019 in May 2019, the video “oscar” with Awards 2019 in September 2019. It will be perfect timing for sending Xmas gifts before the usual post crowd, and for starting new partnerships to launch from the beginning of the new year! Once again the promoter of the initiative is Italy Baltic Trading Clubs . You will find super tasty products in online shopping, TV talks, Webinars, presenattions, movies, interviews, special sales, special discounts 24h/24 for Christmas and holidays time! Do use this opportunity.

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How to proceed

  1. Details of the event
  2. Contact us, directly the team to reserve space for your products or services, for Christmas 2018 and for big Media Event of 13-17 May 2019
  3. Do you have a planned webinar of made-in-Italy or you have recorded one recently? Add your event to our calendar, and/or upload your best video performance.


In the picture one of the hub excellence: Italian “Calzone” a luxury product Made-in-Italy by our member “Italians”. Ask us how to receive it!