The hard work carried out by Luxury Nordic trading group (LNH) has been watched by B2BALTIC for years. Our redaction has noticed that there are members of our community who are able to create fine products for the luxury market. For this reason Luxury Nordic LNH has attracted since 2015 not only competent producers, but also traders who love dealing with a demanding type of clients.

Jewellery is an example, since our community has members dealing with style, fashion and retailing. So, luxury is definitively since always a hot topic in the community, and – as reported by research conducted in Europe, Russia and US – represents a growing market in spite of any world´s crises! The staff started with real estate restructuring taking “all together” smart design and top furniture of creative producers: they made intelligent office buildings, beautiful spa centers for resorts, and attractive shops. Nowadays the team is able to build, redesign and trade any kind of luxury object, no limits. The community, thank our developers and members, includes yachts, sailing boats, oldtimer cars, exclusive food, art, antiquity.

Watch the video. As always again, you can buy, sell, distribute this beautiful jewelry from Nordic: full collection available and partner B2B program for exclusive rings, earrings, chains, woman-handbags.

The opportunity for luxury geeks & freaks

In B2BALTIC is quite big, both for developers and for consumer market.  However it is not everything easy. When you enter this market you should keep this point into consideration:

The market is changing since years: demanding luxury buyers have a demonstrated tendency to research and compare products on web, or prefer finding visual merchandising in shop. Many retailers do not have a good web platform for e-commerce yet. Some of them own very nice shop in cities, but not offering visual-merchandising in-store yet. This requires a change of habits, belief and investment of financial resources. The earlier you start with this, the faster you market your shop and vendors.

Some available resources for luxury traders and exclusive retailers interested in B2B market are offered by our community for trading & retailing (B2BALTIC RETAIL):

Luxury Nordic Hub works essentially in Stockholm, Helsinki, Saint Petersburg, Vienna, Milan, Rome, Zurich, New York, Washington, Berlin, Warsaw, Riga, Vilnius, Berlin, Copenhagen, Genova, Dubai. However, members of Luxury Nordic hub are from all over the world.