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March 17, 2020 to December 31, 2020

B2BALTIC Networks and communities


We have taken to the Community-Television the most important industries of the European center for trading-innovation & smartcities B2BALTICHigh-Tech, Real-Estate, Food&Beverage Export, Furniture & Design, Medical-Pharma, Maritime, Financial, Legal, Communications, Startups and Crowdfunding. The centre provides members with the first “TV Cloud” for Webinars and Live-conferences in the European Union, and one of the first in the world.

We recommend our members and guest entrepreneurs to join the centre B2BALTIC from 2019. Membership of the last weeks of 2019 is free of charge for those who participate actively in 2020. The NORDIC EUROPEAN MEDIA WEEK LIVE broadcasts every week 24 hours/24, 7 days/7, make you trading, listed and fit for the video-marketing global trends (you need from 2020 also in your industry). You can join from any location where you are in the world. If you don´t have video-contents you can count on the community video & TV editors.

Why Nordic as base for this European-Global initiative? Because the European Nordic area and the Baltics are since years the most advanced in use of internet, online medias and speed for private and professional purpose. The broadcast of contents is global. Language is English.


OPTION 1) You are effective member and propose your best video content:

  • One-time fee: 250 EUR ;

  • Time: 12 months membership;
  • Access to special events with discounted ticket or free-pass;
  • You can candidate your best video content: if it is well-done and works fine, it will be sponsored by B2BALTIC for free for a while;
  • B2B Matching automatic: inclusive;
  • Business Networking on professional groups: included (limited);
  • Investor search: optional 150 EUR if you have a project searching for investors or shareholders;
  • up to 5% of your contribution will be donated to kids (SOS CHILDREN VILLAGE BALTIC)
  • Ask a quote if you want more, or active this service here.


OPTION 2) You are full participant, with a specific media content:

  • One-time fee: 700 EUR (or recurring automatic 90 EUR a month, contract bind 12 months, 60 EUR activation fee);

  • Time: once a week for 30 weeks broadcasting of your best video; 12 months membership included;
  • Standard free event invitations: inclusive;
  • During the broadcasting of your contents on networks, we manage a Q&A for you, in case watchers ask commercial information, assistance or a sample for example;
  • B2B Matching automatic: inclusive;
  • Business Networking on professional groups: included;
  • Investor search: on demand with contribution of one-time fee 200 EUR;
  • Google + YouTube boosting on search engines for your video and content: on demand with contribution of one-time fee 150 EUR;
  • up to 10% of your contribution will be donated to kids (SOS CHILDREN VILLAGE BALTIC)
  • Ask a quote if you want more, or active this service here.


OPTION 3) You are the leader & community sponsor, with your media contents:

  • One-time fee: 4000 EUR for 12 months full membership as a business sponsor (or monthly flexible fee without any contract bind of 700 EUR / month – recommend by the redaction at least 3 months for performance)

  • Time: at least once a day for 12 months broadcasting of your business corporate videos (1-3 max); 12 months membership included;
  • Special event invitations: free-pass inclusive;
  • Interview Directors TV 24: inclusive with special featuring of your videos and presentation;
  • marketing action: inclusive with follow-up of resellers, mailing, cold-calls to attract watchers to your videos;
  • B2B Matching with human search: inclusive;
  • Investor search: inclusive;
  • Business Networking on professional groups: large included;
  • One a month you can connect your own team for a “live TV” Q&A (watchers may want to interact, ask questions during the live or order samples for example);
  • up to 10% of your contribution will be donated to kids (SOS CHILDREN VILLAGE BALTIC) with advertising for you for this important action;
  • Ask a quote if you want more, or active this service here.

Your benefits in the first European TV Cloud for business purpose:

  • good for international trading, exporting smart products, attracting interest on your matter: buyers, investors, potential partners, potential employees;
  • it is like a fitness-center, you train yourself to the future of the communication and advertising, the video & motion world;
  • you go LIVE during selected weeks, or every week;
  • your video and contents (video/text) are particularly smart and trendy? Directors TV 24 or the magazine redaction will interview you;
  • you can pitch your project and search for investors, we will invite them to watch you;
  • you can do business networking on our own moderated regional LinkedIn groups (16.000+ members as known);
  • you get promoted by marketing experts on a regional/global scale;
  • you might win gourmet luxury food from the business lottery, as present, we will send to your home;
  • you support North-Eastern kids in need because we give a part of your contribution to SOS CHILDREN VILLAGE, and you can track the donation;
  • and much more, every week… together with further initiatives, events and engagements on TV and in several cities such us Stockholm, Helsinki, Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius, Warsaw, Gdansk, Copenhagen, Berlin, Oslo, Saint Petersburg, Vienna, Milan, Washington, New-York, Moscow, Tokio;


the common watchers, participants and sponsors:

  • members of B2BALTIC center (Retail Hub, Tech Hub, Startup Hub, RealEstate Hub, Legal Hub, Mentors Hub, Media & Communicators Hub);
  • members of DBS Doing Business Sweden Hub (see also group on LinkedIn);
  • members of Luxury Nordic Hub LNH (see also page on Facebook);
  • members of Italy Baltic Trading Hub (see also group on LinkedIn);
  • members of DACH-I German/Italian networks (see also group on LinkedIn);
  • communicators and business journalists of Directors TV 24;
  • watchers, guests, visitors, etc;
  • the center and hubs daily focus a business-population of over 4.000.000 professionals, over 300.000 companies.

Before we approve your contents, we verify the quality. If we think they are not enough professional-made to represent your product, mission or brand, you will need to adapt them first. Our video team may help you if you ask. We have best video makers and film producers on demand just in case. Contact us and send your video-links: we will check them out, if they are OK or not. All services are always provided according to the common community policies of B2BALTIC European center for trading-innovation and smartcities. Tax: EU-VAT is added to all above mentioned fees.


March 17, 2020
December 31, 2020
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