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NORDIC MEDIA WEEK LIVE 2019 and “BIRTHDAY 5 YEARS B2BALTIC” – most important event of the first semester

May 13, 2019 to May 17, 2019



You can join the NORDIC MEDIA WEEK LIVE 2019 from any location where you are, also from your office, home, smartphone. Benefit of the digitalization. It´s a perfect training for all entrepreneurs, media owners and business content creators. In order to participate to the most important media event “live on TV” of the Northern Europe 2019, do send your best business videos, corporate presentations, b2b video advertising, and webinars to our redaction! Audio and video text in English!

Your benefits:

  • you go LIVE during the special week, and if the videos are particularly interesting for the hub, you are on B2BALTIC TV and Directors TV 24 global all 2019
  • you are listed as hub supplier with your products, service, name or brand. You receive a special featuring membership during the event.
  • you enter the business lottery and might win gourmet luxury food;
  • and much more – read below


  • Example, who is a content creator? the marketing director of your company, or the social media marketing manager, or you as professional blogger. Your video can be about an industry, mission, business travel, conference, project or product.
  • May I present a project or pitch for investors? Yes, it can be video pitch – we will inform our hub investors and publish also on funding group;
  • How much does it cost? A fair ticket to pay for getting high performance – it´s convenient since the event is sponsored also by angel investors who contribute too;
  • Is the event only local Nordic? No, global. Since B2BALTIC Hub operates in over 30 countries (see complete map) in the world, not only in the Nordic Baltic area, the audience is global, however with about 70% from the Nordics; we don´t use any geo-block, so all globe can watch your business video performances without restrictions (some countries of the middle-east of Asia might restrict the access, example Iran and Turkey without any information);

Party after Media Week: For the travelers who are in Stockholm/Helsinki there will be a free party at the end of the Media Week, On Friday 17th May. Ideal for the business corporate travelers .

The Nordic Media Week 2019 is from Monday 13rd May to 17th May Friday, on Directors TV 24h in exclusive for B2BALTIC Community on B2BALTIC Television and all our business networks worldwide.

In this event we support together with you KIDS IN NEED IN ESTONIA LATVIA LITHUANIA AND FINLAND. The event is also a big party to cheer 5 YEARS B2BALTIC THE MOST TRENDY AND OPEN COMMUNITY IN EUROPE with first Nordic B2B Television.

Directors TV 24 also broadcast live via B2BALTIC.TV and other platforms of our communities and members, 24/24 , 7/7 during the week with specials.


You participate as sponsor:

  • Sponsorships are made for top managers, best brands and for those who love telling their story, business case or professional mission, also on TV. Planed for a long term relationship with the Nordic Baltic business community for trade and innovation, and for a powerful brand/name positioning. It delivers the best video marketing techniques and includes several benefits for all 2019; you are going to be interviewed by Directors TV 24h with its revolutionary business format. Check the →comparison table with all benefits



You participate as supplier, not sponsor:

  • for members of B2BALTIC: EUR 290,00 + 20% VAT (members with at least 1 year membership age)
  • for non members or new member from 15th February 2019: EUR 350,00 + 20% VAT (for EU member) or 390,00 + 20% for Non-EU member;

(if you reserve your participation and send your medias not later than March 2019 10% discount on all fee – The 10% of your contribution will be donate by B2BALTIC to social causes and you will have track of the donations)




  • you and your product are featured all the Media Week, which has the highest audience of the season;
  • we contact potential buyers for your business products, or potential investors for your pitch according to the matching platform of B2BALTIC succesful B2B model;
  • we connect to your website or e-commerce platform digitally, sharing medias; special links and popup to your site will be showed;
  • you could win the business lottery;
  • your best content will go LIVE on TV, and on Magazine, plus YouTube LIVE, Twitter/Periscope LIVE and Facebook LIVE;
  • your article on magazine will be available for all 2019, not only during the event, this help selling your product by creating trust trough publishing on magazine;
  • if your content is lottery winner or particularly interesting for our members and visitors, we will feature you for all 2019 on our magazine;
  • B2BALTIC marketing experts will make video marketing campaign for your best video content on YouTube and Google, to increase your viewer targeting the right potential buyers fro you;
  • free pass for the party after event;
  • and much more for the sponsors, such us featuring your name/brand on magazine platform and television platform for longer (see table all benefits).


A support for kids and social causes

B2BALTIC since 5 years support social causes also for charity and kids. Our authorized startups collect the donations, and you can be sure that we will transfer your donations to the right people, not wasted. As written above, you will be able to track where your donation went to. If you want to donate regardless of any event, click here and directly donate to our suggested NGO Associations for kids (SOS Children´s Villages).


Map: on the map the historical “high-dynamic” B2BALTIC Hub coverage since 2014: the Nordic Baltic area, including Western-Russia, plus the DACH-I countries. The Nordic Media Week will especially influence the evidenced countries.


May 13, 2019
May 17, 2019
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