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Registration Closing for Brands/Sponsors for CHRISTMAS with ITALY BALTIC COMMUNITY as protagonist 2018

December 28, 2018



Dear Members,

You can join our events from everywhere you are, also sitting in your office. Benefit of the digitalization. There is no discrimination about location. If you can join also some local events in some of our cities is just great. The Christmas time in the community is coming, fully devoted this year to the energetic Italy Baltic Trading Community. Event will take place 2-22 of December 2018 (then after Christmas/NewYear until 9th January) – together with the Nordic Baltic community for innovation & smartcities B2BALTIC, B2BALTIC Television, B2BALTIC Retail Hub, Luxury Nordic Hub LNH and sponsors, 20.000+ businesses engaged. Further details will be published here during December 2018. The event is sponsored by many promoters, brands and angel investors, thereby the participation fees are fair. A free donation to the Baltic Kids´s institutions is also required to participate.


For visitors

If you are a business professional you have the opportunity to interact with many other businesses, show cases, also via TV LIVE. You can evaluate, leave your feedback, critic, support causes, share, buy amazing industrial products coming from any kind of industry. The several video and media contents could represent also a good entertainment by watching, and inspirational for your business. Innovation, smartcities, international trade the main topics. Free of charge. If you want to donate to support social causes click here.


For participants: contributions and donation for “Kids in need in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania”:

  • for all Nordic/Baltic/Western-Russian/Italian members suppliers with brand/product to promote and sell : voluntary amount from (minimal fee), 160 €+ 20% EU VAT + free donation for kids
  • for non-members of B2BALTIC with business in area Nordic/Baltic/Italy 180 € + 20% EU VAT + free donation for kids;
  • for businesses registered outside Nordic/Baltic/Italy but still in European continent 220 € + 20% EU VAT + free donation for kids;
  • for businesses registered outside Europe, 290 € + 20% VAT + free donation for kids;

part of the netto revenues for this event will be donated by B2BALTIC to kids however – you can ask to view the donation plan or ask suggestion for donations; donation amount can be free decided and tax free – FOR EARLY REGISTRATION NOT LATER THAN 30TH NOVEMBER 2018 DISCOUNT 10%. – it inckudes party in Riga (Latvia) on 14th December.



For sponsors:

  • it´s more convenient and flexible – see official sponsorship list 2019; it includes the multiple-event period December 2018-March 2019, Christmas 2018 event included with free pass, and other included participation to events in 2019 – N.B. Members of Italy-Baltic Community who has never joined an event from 2013 to 2018, they can still be part of the hub from 1st of January 2019 ONLY as a sponsor! Check the sponsorship comparison table.



A support for kids

From a minimal of 10% to 30% of the netto revenues for this event will be donated by B2BALTIC to kids however – you can ask to view the donation plan or ask suggestion for donations; donation amount can be free decided, tax free. Authorized startups will collected the donations, and you can be sure that we will transfer your donations to the right people, not wasted, you will be able to track where your donation went to.


Benefits for all:

  • you take part of a trendy media & TV show: all registered can participate to trading activities during the event, send LIVE TV and videos to us, release interview if your stuff attract the attention of our TV redaction, our business journalists, and retailers; you are actively promoted in front of visitors, guests, our thousands of hub members, distributors, brokers, retailers, geeks, business-owners, all our Nordic/Baltic regional industries and foreign business guests, time by time (not all the 20 days 24 hours/24 of course); digital advertising in regional channels is also included for all the event;
  • the party is long from 2nd December to 22nd December 2018; best products or nicest performances will accompany the hub activities even until 9th January 2019, TV redaction and audience decide;
  • your donation will be registered and the receivers will receive note that the donation comes from you (name of your participating business); you receive track of where your donation went to; be generous and donate together with us!
  • participants to the Christmas event are entitled to take part to the NORDIC BALTIC MEDIA WEEK LIVE 2019 with a discount of 40%;
  • at least 1 of your videos will go LIVE on our TV business network; re-broadcasting might happen several time during Christmas and in January; send us more videos;
  • location of media TV broadcasting: all 9 countries and main Baltic cities of the whole Nordic/Baltic sea (about 90%); other countries of Europe (about 10%);
  • 1 customized pre-recorded interview from you, will go LIVE TV (fluent English needed!) if your product is either smart or our audience tell us that you are performing good!
  • free basic membership in the hub of the innovators and makers, inclusive all 2019: you stay longer according to the base program of B2BALTIC Hub, with social media exchanges, office sharing, video sharing, important press sharing inclusive and much more;
  • free ticket to join the business networking party in Riga Oldtown (Latvia) on 14th December 2018 from 15 to 18 to cheer all the Italian business travelers.
  • other facilities and discount offered by B2BALTIC and members time by time when available;
  • if one of your media (image or film) will convince the audience, you can participate to B2BALTIC Media Awards 2019 in Summer 2019 for best media B2B performance;
  • much more, interviews, webinars, active promotion all year for sponsors (check the above PDF link with the sponsorship fees);



(in the picture a Christmas package won during the past 2 weeks from 2 members of B2BALTIC through surprise pop-up with coupons offered by our sponsors)


December 28, 2018
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