It is no matter, if you are a business, or a brand, a person or a mission. You are “in motion”. You move, you talk, you make, you show. That´s what you do and what the others expect to see from you, if you show up, you exist. In the past Video “as a tactic” was something different. It was likely centralized with your creative team as a huge work to carry out to create an amazing presentation of your business. It was made in Flash or other format, or created by an expensive film maker, with lots of focus on production. Things are different since a few years. Video “as a strategy” is quite the opposite. It can be made by anyone of your team, you don´t need to hire Lucas Film of Star-Wars, is conversational, actionable, and measurable. Video as a strategy is the future. Why is this important? Well, if you aren’t creating video, you’re likely falling behind. But, don’t fret. For most videos, the more simple and raw it is, the more authentic the content seems. For example you should just do one or two webinars to double the interest of your people: once you have recorded your webinar, you can remarket your video using videomarketing concepts and webTV Live or even connect to Directors TV 24 via B2BALTIC Television (how to make a webinar+TV you learn here). Hubspot has made a research asking a question to different kind of people, coming from different places: Germany, USA, Colombia, Mexico. People want to watch videos even more than receiving e-mails.

Videos and e-mailing (if well done and not spamming) should be at the base of your sales & marketing strategy. Don´t target just the catalogue to download, with the list of your products, or a banner on a website (social image): they are not enough, people got tired of that.

No stress if your video is not top quality, not perfect. According to research, consumers and customers actually prefer lower quality, “authentic” video over high-quality video that seems artificial and inauthentic. People are searching for reality, genuine things, not only “bio food”, but also “bio-videos”. That´s why you should switch on the camera, or the phone, or ask somebody to film you, and you talk, you say and show something. An interview in office, an interview recorded on skype, a Q&A made on the street while you walk in the city. People will like what you say, how you appear, and will not judge you, nor the quality of the video.

Stats: Videomarketing strategy growth according to Forbes

80% of the online content is video or somehow in “motion”. Video making offers the best ROI (return-on-investment). Video sharing plays an important roles: when you make a video you need to share it, to distribute as much as you can, otherwise it will not work for you. For sure our TV redaction and video marketing team can help you with distribution or broadcasting. Our best suggestion from 2021? You should do a webinar. We have interfaced B2BALTIC with WEBINARS TELEVISION EUROPE.


Which kind of video I need to show up myself or my business?

Videos are short spots (even non longer than 10 seconds), product presentation (better if made on site where the product is made, better no longer than 1 minutes and 29 seconds), business talk (you talk), interview (somebody ask questions and you answer), corporate introduction (you want to talk about your general structure and brand), speech (you have been recorded while you talked at microphone during a meeting), live event (you send a video streaming in real-time during a conference), webinar (you use an online software to gather people´s attention to your matter, infomercial (you make a TV sales, targeting the B2B or P2P selling of your product/service, tutorial (you coach your audience with education content), biz-coaching (you motivate and engage your people around you). We believe that Webinars nowadays are one the smartest way to videomarketing and online sales, although they require more energy: webinars are usually long from 40 minutes to 2 hours.

Why Video Marketing

The community-TV business “in-motion” is made for

  • creators: professionals who want to have their story, case, design, or idea visible;
  • producers: organizations that want to stream an event or campaign live in short-time;
  • brands: managers busy with brand-positioning, responsible for engaging with an audience or community;
  • developers: engineers busy with building-up big ideas, applications or structures;
  • extroverted enthusiasts: usually entrepreneurship thinkers in love with telling everything around;
  • non-profit geeks: organizations, social geeks willing to boost their mission and get donations;
  • smart introverted: usually quite genius willing to challenge their communication skills;
  • hard sellers: sales is their force and they always wanted to make a TV infomercial to show up, sell more;
  • webinators and event directors: transforming a presentation into a television live event is “best-seller”

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